ACI University Certificate Program

Last year I discovered the ACI University Certificate Program online. The American Concrete Institute offers a certificate for each of the following subjects:

  • Fundamentals of Concrete Construction
  • Anchorage Design
  • Fundamentals of Concrete and Materials
  • Repair Application Procedures

Each Certificate Program offers up to 17 PDH, although check to see if how your jurisdiction determines the equivalent hours. Upon completion of the program, ACI issues a completion certificate and a digital badge

Each Certificate Program offers up to 17 PDH, although check to see if how your jurisdiction determines the equivalent hours. The course delivery method is generally through recorded webinar, a handout of the slides, and an education bulletin or excerpt of the referenced ACI standard. “Fundamentals of Concrete and Materials” was the only program to use an interactive web delivery as opposed to the recorded webinar; this is likely because the information is of the fundamental nature, as opposed to code or practice requirements. Each program is broken down into modules. You must pass a 10 question exam at the end of the module.

The information offered is generally from the 2012-2016 era with the education bulletins and standards referenced from ACI 318-08 or ACI 318-11. The “Repair Application Procedures” program was quite interesting because of the practical application. The information in “Anchorage Design” was also informative although, like any education on Chapter 17, the content can be quite dry. Despite the dryness of the content, there were some big takeaways from the program that encouraged me to read this textbook to learn more about anchorage in concrete. Of the two ‘Fundamentals’ courses, the construction one appealed more to my needs. There were more discussions and practical applications than the course on materials. That being said: I’m not involved with batching or mix design, nor have I been in my career, so the application may be different for others.

I was drawn to the program because of it’s online accessibility, the affiliation with the American Concrete Institute, and…because there are digital badges issued. It seems so trivial, but after investing time and money in professional development it’s nice to have more than an auto-generated certificate that employers/clients/colleagues won’t ever see. A digital badge can, at the very least, be seen and used as a conversation starter. Regardless, the courses were informative, they reinforced concepts for practical application, and I would recommend the ACI University program if you are needing PDH.