Foundation and Anchor Guide for Metal Building Systems

Another useful reference by Alexander Newman. This text is a succinct guide to foundation and anchor design for metal building systems. He presents methods to support thrust in the foundation and is able to provide basic recommendations for selecting an appropriate foundation system. His recommendations are provided with considerations to the building’s use through it’s lifespan, which gives the reader a chance to develop intuition of the design’s limitations.

Newman doesn’t shy away from flagging certain areas of foundation design that the code approaches with ambiguity. An example would be anchorage design (ie. ACI 318 Chapter 17 or A23.3 Appendix D) and the load combinations used in foundation design. However, his ability to rationalize methods that are not only compliant within the code’s wording, but have logical engineering intent, helps build trust with the reader.

Foundation and Anchor Design Guide for Metal Building Systems

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