Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures

“Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures” is an insightful collection of (what could be considered) eight engineering essays. Each essay introduces seismicity concepts and design without an overwhelming amount of technical complexity. Emilio Rosenbleuth functions as the editor of the collection that also features some dynamic leading researchers including Anil Chopra, Nathan Newmark, Thomas Paulay, Robert Park, and Nigel Priestley. The essays cover general design and analysis topics as well as steel, concrete, and masonry provisions. A section on foundations is also presented with a discussion on soil-structure interaction. Nonstructural elements finalize the collection of essays. Unfortunately timber is not given treatment in this collection. Since the collection was published in 1980, it is reasonable to understand that the field of dynamics was still being developed. Even still, this collection remains true to its mission mentioned in the Preface:

“…in a rapidly evolving discipline, every book is born obsolete. It is less obsolete if written by a team, with one or two authors per chapter, so that it can be produced in a short time, and if it emphasizes the less controversial, more durable issues.”

Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures

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