Masonry Design for Engineers and Architects

Masonry design is often skipped over in undergraduate engineering programs. But masonry as a construction material, whether for building façades or structural walls, is widely used. Dr. Hatzinokolas and Dr. Korany have published a descriptive reference book that guides designers through the fundamentals of masonry behaviour. The First Edition was published in 2005, thus, the code requirements follow CSA S304.1-04. However, the Fourth Edition of the book has been revised to address the updates in CSA S304-14, along with added expertise from Dr. Brzev.

The text address: masonry materials, flexural members, unreinforced and reinforced wall design, columns, lateral resistance, shear walls, as well as building envelope decisions that need to be addresssed. The value of the book comes with a reference to this reference book by Dr. Hatzinokolas, as well as the numerous simplified design examples.